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Contingent Trust

Contingent Trustee

A contingent trust is a trust that can only be created or funded if certain conditions exist when the testator dies. This means that a contingent trust is a trust that has not come into existence but will come into existence in the future when a particular event occurs. Most of the time these trusts are created by the terms of a grantor’s Will. An experienced Texas estate planning lawyer can give you more information about these trusts and help you create them.

Houston Asylum Lawyer – Top Texas Asylum Attorneys

Qualifying for Asylum

Asylum seekers must prove that they face persecution in their home countries because of their political opinion, race, religion, nationality or membership in a particular social group. Refugees and displaced people are also eligible for asylum.

Employment Based Immigration Attorney – Texas – Houston

Employment Based Immigration Attorney

People thinking of immigrating to Texas and Texan employers thinking of hiring foreign qualified workers should hire a lawyer to help them navigate the complex immigration system.

Employment based immigrations is necessary sometimes to fill positions in industries such as energy, engineering, transportation and more that exist in Texas cities like Houston.