Immigration Law In Texas

Immigration Lawyers In Texas

Immigration laws determine who becomes a U.S citizen or who gets allowed to enter the country to become a student, worker, refugee, or permanent resident. Immigration affects states differently in terms of economics and population. It may lead to a state having to adjust how it does public services and law enforcement. For example, in some counties in Texas police are involved in finger printing and checking the criminal status of immigrants that are in the country illegally.  If you are arrested for being an illegal alien, you will need an experienced immigration lawyer that understands your desire to live, work and stay in the United States.

Immigration Judges

People arrested for being in the U.S. illegally are presented before an immigration judge in a formal court proceeding. The judge decides whether you are to be allowed to remain in the U.S., removed or deported.  The judge may grant any type of immigration relief or benefit to a foreign national and that individual’s immediate family. The Houston Immigration court has nine judges and it falls under the Jurisdiction of the Office of the Chief Immigration judge, which is part of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).

Cases Immigration Lawyers Handle In Texas

The types of cases immigration lawyers in Texas can assist you with include:

Business Immigration

Family Based Immigration

  • When the immediate family members of a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident wants to apply for citizenship in the United States. More on Family Based Immigration.

Employee Visas & Permanent Residency

  • When applying for a visa for company employees or when applying for permanent residency status at the U.S. embassies or consulates

Citizenship & Naturalization

  • When you qualify for naturalization and need help assembling all the needed documents

Investor Visas

  • When you to come to the U.S. to invest in at least 50 percent of a business or for international trade and need a visa

Seeking Asylum

  • When you are an asylum seeker because of persecution or well rounded fear of persecution. See also…Houston Asylum Attorneys

Any immigration issue you have can be handled by an experienced immigration lawyer in Texas.  This includes applying for permission to travel, adjustment of status and even Green Card renewals.

The Immigration Process

You can immigrate through family, employment and on humanitarian grounds. For you to immigrate through family, you must have a family member that is either a citizen, holder of specific types of visas, or permanent resident of the United States. That family member can file a petition for their immediate family members that live in the U.S. or outside of the country.

 To work in the United States you will need a high-skilled Visa such as the H-1B Visa.  You can then apply to remain permanently in the United States. People who want to immigrate on humanitarian grounds include refugees or people that face persecution in their home countries.  People who receive immigrant status have been granted permission to permanently reside in the United States. The immigration process is very complex, but an experienced immigration lawyer can help you to easily navigate the process by using different application strategies.

Houston Asylum Lawyer – Top Texas Asylum Attorneys

Qualifying for Asylum

Asylum seekers must prove that they face persecution in their home countries because of their political opinion, race, religion, nationality or membership in a particular social group. Refugees and displaced people are also eligible for asylum. Continue reading “Houston Asylum Lawyer – Top Texas Asylum Attorneys”

Employment Based Immigration Attorney – Texas – Houston

Employment Based Immigration Attorney

People thinking of immigrating to Texas and Texan employers thinking of hiring foreign qualified workers should hire a lawyer to help them navigate the complex immigration system.

Employment based immigrations is necessary sometimes to fill positions in industries such as energy, engineering, transportation and more that exist in Texas cities like Houston. Continue reading “Employment Based Immigration Attorney – Texas – Houston”

Form I 829 – Entrepreneur Application To Remove Conditions Notices – 18 Months Valid Proof of Status

Application To Remove Conditions

Petitioners who file for Form I-829 Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions on permanent resident status,  will now receive a Form I-797 receipt notice that they can present with their form I-551- (Permanent Resident Card). Continue reading “Form I 829 – Entrepreneur Application To Remove Conditions Notices – 18 Months Valid Proof of Status”