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employment based visas in texas

Employment Based Immigration Attorney

People thinking of immigrating to Texas and Texan employers thinking of hiring foreign qualified workers should hire a lawyer to help them navigate the complex immigration system.

Employment based immigrations is necessary sometimes to fill positions in industries such as energy, engineering, transportation and more that exist in Texas cities like Houston.

Houston also has one of the busiest ports in the United States. With employment based immigration, workers can live near where they work legally and employers can get qualified workers without. A visa is for temporary work while a green card is for permanent work.

Why You Need An Attorney

Employment based immigration attorneys not only have experience in litigation but also in areas such as corporate transactions and business operations. Your attorney will help you navigate the employment based immigration process by showing you the right forms to fill, the information to include in those forms and so on. You will also need the help of an immigration attorney if you have been denied a visa or green car unfairly. Employment based immigration attorneys can help employers, investors, employees and entrepreneurs apply for and obtain required visas.

They can also help employees who are interested in the labor certification process for permanent positions and seasonal employment. If you are an employer that wants to hire a foreign worker for a job, your attorney can assist you with the Labor Condition Application for H-1B employees. These are just some of the ways that an employment based immigration attorney can assist you.

Permanent Work And Temporary Work Immigration

The process for immigration for permanent work and that for immigration for temporary work is different. If you want to work permanently in the U.S., you will need a legal permanent residency status. That means you must be a green card holder for you to live and work in the United States permanently. Green Card owners have to renew their green card every ten years.

To work temporarily in the United States, you will need a temporary visa. You have to fill the right form based on the type of job you do to have a valid and legal immigration status. People who seek temporary work immigration are referred to as temporary nonimmigrant workers.

Preference Categories For Employment Based Immigration

People that attempting to live and work permanently in the United States based on employment can be classified under three different employment based preference categories. These include:

  • EB-1: This includes priority workers such as professors, teachers, researchers and highly educated workers. Managers or executives of multinational corporations are also included in this preference category.
  • EB-2: People with advanced degrees or foreign nationals that have exceptional ability fall under this category.
  • EB-3:  Foreign skilled workers, professionals and other workers are included in the third category. Immigrant Visa’s under this category are based on a job offer for permanent employment.

Skilled workers mean foreign nationals that can perform skilled labor that requires a minimum of of training or experience in a position. Of all the above categories, most people apply for employment based visa under the EB-3 category.